Foly is a huge collection
of sounds
for meditation and deep sleep
What’s inside?
Over 90 sounds of nature and more to help you get a better quality night's sleep
Sleep is essential to our daily health and overall well-being. Each sound of the Foley app collection is capable of transporting you to a world of deep sleep and tranquility.

Unique set of meditation sounds
Meditation is the best way to unwind after a hard day. Inside Foly app you will find the unique collection of sounds that creates a special atmosphere for your comfort and relaxation.
Quick Sound Recording
Sometimes we like the sounds of our hometown or the forest near our house. Each favorite sound is a unique memory! Save your favorite sounds with the Foly app and use them in your meditations
Why do our users choose Foly?
That’s not all!
High quality sounds
No ads
Works offline
Quick Start
Unlimited playback
Flexible timer

Help translate the app into your language

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Try deep sleep and meditation
with the Foly app right now!
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